Colorized Old Pictures From Around the World That Really Changes Things (150 Pics)

Traditional Mongolian man in 1913.
Traditional Mongolian woman in 1913.
A market in Cairo, Egypt in 1923.
A shoe salesman in Cairo, Egypt in 1923.
A young Egyptian boy in 1922.
An Egyptian girl in 1922.
Egyptian guards in 1922.
An Egyptian man in 1922.
Japanese fish merchant in 1897.
Traditional Japanese woman in 1895.
Japanese Samurai in 1893.
Little Italy in New York City in 1905.
Busy New York City Street, US in 1905.
New York City, US docks in 1890.
Native American man in the 1890s.
Native American girl in the 1890s.
Denver, Colorado in the 1880s.
Civil War veteran telling kids stories in Philadelphia, US in 1935.
Russian family in 1894.
Indian soldiers meet a French boy in Marseilles, France in 1914.
Delivering blocks of ice in Chicago, US in 1918.
W.H. Murphy testing the bulletproof vest in 1923.
Boxers after a fight in 1908.
A family in the South of the US in 1932.
Gas station in Washington D.C., US in 1924.
Car crash in Washington D.C., US in 1921.
The streets of Paris, France in 1908.
Woman selling flowers in Paris, France in 1909.
Famous Tattoo Artist George Burchett in East Sussex, England in 1930.
People in a village in Ireland in 1913.
Soldiers from the North during the US Civil War in 1864.
Emir of Bukhara, Alim Khan from Russian in 1910.
Models pretending to box in 1938.
A street in Atlanta, US being guarded in 1864.
Streets of London, England in 1928.
Girl drops off mail in London, England in 1928.
Chinese tea farmer in Russian in 1915.
Russian peasant girls with picked berries in 1906.
Tea workers in Russian in 1907.
Armenian women in 1910.
Bakers selling bread in Sarajevo, former Yugoslavia in 1912.
Lieutenant Colonel Mervyn O’Gorman daughter Christina in Dorset, England in 1913.
Family during the great depression in the US in 1936.
Senegalese troops as part of the French Army in France during WWI in 1916.
British troops feeding a horse during WWI in 1915.
Australian troops with their gear in 1915.
Indian soldiers in their trench wearing gas masks during WWI in 1915.
German soldiers treating wounded dispatches carrying field dogs during WWI in 1915.
British soldiers reviewing a map in a trench in France during WWI in 1915.
French soldiers in Paris in 1914.
German soldiers in 1940.
Americans examine a destroyed German tank in Italy in 1944.
American soldiers embark for the Normandy landings in 1944.
German soldiers advancing in Russia in 1942.
German soldiers in a town in France in 1941.
American pilots in 1943.
Americans in a bombed out Italian town in 1944.
US Marines in the Pacific during WWII in 1943.
Russian soldiers in WWII in 1943.
Russian soldiers in WWII in Berlin, Germany in 1945.
Russians and Americans posing somewhere in Germany in 1945.
Japanese hospital in China in 1940.
Japanese preparing for an assault in China in 1940.
Tunisia in 1943.
Russian soldiers parade in Moscow in 1947.
Mata Hari in 1900.
84 Year old Pinkhus Karlinskii, who had 66 years of service with the Russian Empire, supervising the Chernigov floodgate in Chernihiv, Ukraine in 1909.
French soldiers in their trenches somewhere on the front in 1915.
NYC, US in 1900.
NYC, US in 1900.
Family in Japan, 1902.
Family in Paris, France in 1914.
Boxing match on a US Navy ship in 1899.
Brooklyn Bridge in NYC, US in 1904.
Paris, France in the early 1900s.
Paris, France in the early 1900s.

Paris, France in 1914.
Kids licking ice on a hot day in NYC, US in 1911.
Railroad outside Chicago, US in 1900.
Atlantic City, US in 1905.
Raising the Soviet flag in Berlin in 1945 during WWII.
Residents of Dahomey (now Benin) in 1920.
Naples, Italy in 1890.
Town in Germany in 1901.
Men somewhere in Canada, 1890s.
NYC, US in 1905.
Russian girl in 1914.
Prisoners in central Asia part of the Russian empire in 1903.
Russian family in 1903.
A family in the Philippines in 1945.
A Russian peasant boy in 1910.
Russian soldiers pose before a battle in 1916.
Russian soldiers in 1944.
German Embassy in St. Petersburg, Russia in 1913.
La Comtesse Elisabeth Moussine-Pouchkine of Russia in 1903
Russian soldiers in Berlin, Germany in 1945.

The first passengers of the Moscow Metro in 1935.
‘Red Corner’ at a recruiting station in Galich, Kostroma Region, in Russia in 1931.
Jose Raul Capablanca Vs Alexander Alekhine in 1913.
A Russian man stands by a Ford-A made in the USSR in 1930.
Russian school children listen to a musician in 1940.
Sorority girls in Washington D.C. (not sure the school) in 1910.
Naples, Italy in 1890.
A Tonkin husband and wife in Vietnam in 1905.
Fish market in NYC, US in 1937.
Grand Central Station in NYC in 1938.
Kids playing with a fire hydrant in NYC, US in 1932.
A steam engine in 1906.
Station in Indianapolis, US in 1940.
Troops in Bulgaria in the early 1900s.
Greek family in the early 1900s.
Local people in India in the early 1900s.
2 Men in India in the early 1900s.
Women in Iran in the early 1900s.
A couple in Morocco in the early 1900s.
Children in Morocco in the early 1900s.
Serbia in the early 1900s.

Children in Spain in the early 1900s.
Swedish sisters in the early 1900s.
Swiss performers in the early 1900s.
Girls in Manila, Philippines in the early 1900s.
The USS Alabama in 1904.
Parade on Coney Island in NYC, US in 1907.
A woman preparing food in Japan in 1891.
Men gamble in Japan in 1888.
Hungarian women in 1932.
Street in NYC, US in 1940.
A Native American Chief of the Crow Tribe in Montana, US in 1927.
Jersey Shore in Asbury Park, US in 1905.
Husband and wife in Tbilisi, Georgia as part of the Russian Empire in 190
Man smoking a Hookah somewhere in the Russian Empire in 1904.
A Muslim man decorated with a military medal, wearing traditional dress and headgear, with a sheathed dagger at his side in Dagestan, Russia in 1904.
A boy with his stuffed animal in a bombed out area of London, England in 1940.
London, England in 1919
US Civil War Union troops in 1861.
Russian and American soldiers kiss in celebration at a dinner in Germany in 1945.
Japanese children in traditional clothes for a festival in 1902.
A man in China in 1912.
A French artist and 2 boys near Manila, Philippines in 1930.
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