Furious father pretends to KIDNAP his children to teach his babysitter a lesson after finding her asleep on the job (9 Pics)

We have all made mistakes, it is part of being human. Although, sometimes an innocent mistake can cause serious problems, that are hard to resolve. This babysitter learned that the hard way when she fell asleep whilst on the job. Controversially, the father of the children she was caring for decided to teach her a lesson she’d never forget…

Christopher and his wife hired a babysitter to care for their children whilst they were at work. The arrangement ensured that their two children received all the care they needed without their parents present. However, once Christopher and his wife left for work, the babysitter did quite the opposite…
After leaving for work one day, Christopher realised that he had forgotten some important papers, so he rushed back to the house to collect them. Upon entering he found a scene that would disgust any parent. The babysitter, known as Sarah, was fast asleep on the sofa.

So, naturally, he did what any rational father would do… He abducted his own children to teach her a lesson.

Firstly, he took photographs and a video of the 35-year-old babysitter tucked up cosily on the sofa, sound asleep and totally oblivious as to what was about to happen.
Two hours after taking the children, Christopher’s phone began to blow up with calls from a frantic Sarah, who had awoken to discover the house void of the children she was supposed to be caring for.

Rather than answer the call, Christopher kept their communications to text message. A panicked Sarah desperately tries to call Christopher to explain the situation, but she cannot get an answer. Instead, Christopher responds angrily via text message. To the babysitters horror, the conversation is about to take a bizarre turn…

Horrified, Sarah messages Christopher to reveal the terrible truth: she has lost his children. Confused, she types: “I have no idea what is going on. Pls call I need to speak with you (sic).” But, Christopher doesn’t call…

Christopher taunts Sarah with his messages, whilst she panics. “It’s not a texting matter,” she pleads, but still Christopher doesn’t acknowledge her phone calls. Clearly infuriated, Christopher aggressively replies, “where are my f***ing kids Sarah?”. Equally infuriated, Sarah replies: “If I knew that I wouldn’t be blowing up your phone!!!”.

Christopher then prompts Sarah to call the police, to add an authentic twist to his cruel trick. Sarah, who has already called the police, advised that they haven’t responded and didn’t help shine any light on her living nightmare. But, before the game gets any more elaborate, Christopher reveals the truth…

Christopher explodes with rage: “I took my f***king kids at 10[am]. Get out of my f***king house! I may be pressing charges on you for neglecting my f***king kids.” As Sarah realises what has really happened, she cannot help but simply say, “are you kidding me?”. But, Christopher is not kidding, he is being very serious.
“You’re fired and no you will find out real soon if I am joking on my way to police station now,” the furious father-of-two writes.

He wasn’t lying either. Christopher did press charges against Sarah for her negligence whilst caring for his children. However, he was advised he could not press any charges. So, instead he took to Facebook to bring his story to the attention of other parents in the local area. Instead, it received worldwide attention and went viral…

The post blew up online, with people giving mixed reviews on the stunt. Many believed Christopher’s handling of the situation to be cruel, whilst others applauded the father. This controversy ultimately meant that the post was taken down by Facebook, however, Christopher kept re-posting to ensure his message was heard loud and clear.

Despite the backlash that his post received online, Christopher was adamant that he had done the right thing. Sarah, meanwhile, has stayed quiet on the incident. Has she learned her lesson?

Furious father pretends to KIDNAP his children to teach his babysitter a lesson after finding her asleep on the job (9 Pics) Furious father pretends to KIDNAP his children to teach his babysitter a lesson after finding her asleep on the job (9 Pics) Reviewed by Your Destination on September 03, 2017 Rating: 5


  1. The father was 100% right. She was asleep on the job. Why would he pay her to sleep, with no knowledge as to the children's safety?

  2. Her falling asleep was negligent, unacceptable and says a lot, seeing that she is 35. However, his actions were malicious. He was not trying to better her by this lesson, he was satisfying his anger, employing public humiliation, slander and emotional distress. It was the parents who put there children at risk by not doing there due diligence in vetting her and being a good judge of character. They left there children in the care of an incompetent person. They accuse her of covering her own ass but never admit there own incompetence.

    1. ya girly is an idiot but father is a dickhead.

  3. Lib babysitter: pay me to sleep or i will bring harassment charges against you.