Inside the debauched firm that rivals Wolf of Wall Street: Former employees sue company claiming they were fired for complaining about 'drug-fueled sexually erotic cesspool' of harassment (12 Pics)

A 'sexually aggressive' debt relief firm has been hit with a lawsuit claiming it hired strippers for staff parties and a boss 'air humped' a female worker who put her bare buttocks against a glass door.
The suit claims the office and its X-rated antics were so 'morally repulsive and unlawfully hostile' that they can only be compared to the debauchery in the films The Wolf of Wall Street and Boiler Room.
Three former workers allege the company was riddled with sex, drugs and alcohol, and hired "attractive" young women to wear skimpy outfits and have "quid pro quo sexual relationships" with the defendants.
Company owner Mark Mancino, dressed as Willy Wonka, with a woman in an Oompa Loompa outfit

Bosses were accused of regularly summoning a female sales rep by yelling “Wendy, get your t*** in here" and "motorboating" her breasts in a private office.
Women were groped and strippers gave lap dances and engaged in sexual conduct which was "proudly" captured on camera in an office decorated with sex toys, blow-up dolls and penis cakes, the suit claims.
For Halloween last year, the firm's owner, Mark Mancino, dressed as Willy Wonka and hired a stripper to dress as Oompa Loompa and give lap dances to male workers in the office.
He posted a photo on Facebook showing him and a woman in costume.
The lawsuit was filed in the US state of New Jersey by three women - human resources director Nicole Orlando and customer service reps Evelyn Grondski and Donna Simone - who claim they were sacked for refusing to play along with "lewd conduct".
It names 11 defendants, including American Funding Group and associated companies and Mancino, 50, and accuses them of rewarding staff with raises, bonuses, gifts and promotions for taking part in "sexual debauchery".
The defendants are also accused of predatory lending and ripping off clients to earn thousands of dollars a day.
The suit says: [The] defendants’ workplace is permeated with sexual promiscuity, flooded with misogyny, swarming with provocatively dressed women, and infused with sex, drugs, and alcohol.
"It is the epitome of a sexually-hostile working environment."
In one alleged incident, a female worker was encouraged to lift her skirt and press her bare buttocks against a glass door for the entire office to see.

Hamill was given a cake reading "Happy Birthday D***"

Court documents claim another manager "gleefully threw himself against the other side of the glass and began 'air humping' the female employee while proudly exclaiming 'how else could I respond to that?!'
In another incident, Mancino and manager Michael Hamill were allegedly heard "motorboating" a worker's breasts and making comments that objectified and denigrated her, including "Wendy, bring your t*** back over here” and “Who hasn’t seen Wendy’s t***?"
A footnote defined motoboating as "placing one’s face in the area between a woman’s breasts and blowing onto her skin while rapidly shaking one’s head, thereby creating a sound similar to that of an outboard boat motor".

When the office threw raunchy staff parties, the suit claims, it was decorated with genital-themed garland and sex toys and asked staff to sign waivers stating the company intended to have "lewd" activity.
Staff who didn't sign a waiver were laughed at for being "lame", "prude" or "tight ass" and workers who didn't go along with the activity were shunned or sacked.
Strippers were allegedly hired for special events, including Hamill's birthday in June.
Images show a stripper in bondage gear straddling him on a chair and climbing on top of him on the floor as he's handcuffed and wearing a ball gag in his mouth.
She rubs her hands near his genitals and playfully hits him with a tailed whip as colleagues drink beer and capture the moment on their mobile phones.
Hamill was given a "giant penis cake" that read "Happy Birthday D***" and he got so drunk that he inserted a cigarette inside a blow-up doll's vagina and a party horn into its anus, the suit claims.
For the party, the defendants had ordered a "plus size" blow-up doll "which had enlarged breasts and nipples and a wig near the crotch to mimic pubic hair".
Orlando claims she was ordered to pay the exotic dancer out of the company's petty cash even though she told him it was "not a good idea".

Court documents also claim that women were encouraged to wear crop tops, backless dresses and short skirts to work so male staff could "gawk" at them.
The suit says: "Defendants intentionally hire young 'attractive' female employees for the specific purpose of having quid pro quo sexual relationships.
"Older male managers obsessively pursue and engage in sexual relationships with younger female employees, and they use their money and power to coerce female employees into engaging in sexually promiscuous conduct in the workplace."
Mancino allegedly hired a 22-year-old woman from his gym for a $60,000-a-year (£46,000) job and gave her“unlimited access” to a corporate credit card, a car and other lavish gifts, even though she had "limited capabilities and experience".
A sex toy was visible in a car parked outside the firm, it was claimed
Genitalia-themed party accessories sit on a worker's desk

In return, she wore "provocative outfits" at office, in the borough of Tinton Falls, and "intentionally bent over so Mancino could gawk at her body and rub her inner thigh", it was claimed.
The suit claims staff were ordered to hide the alleged affair from Mancino's wife, but she found out and is now divorcing him.
Mancino was accused of talking about taking testosterone shots and male enhancement pills, and telling staff: “I have to keep my d*** working to keep up with these young ladies."
Bosses allegedly brought inflatable sex dolls into interviews with applicants, telling them: "This is how we do business here. Have you ever been to an interview with a sex doll?"
The suit states: "The predatory debt reduction services and loans have created a slush fund for Individual defendants used to pay for lavish personal purchases on the company books, (e.g., yacht, extravagant vacations for friends and family, and hotel rooms and gifts for certain employees with whom Individual Defendants are having sex) and has triggered a sexually erotic cesspool that rewards female employees who are willing to engage in sexual misconduct in the workplace."
Orlando claims she told management last month that the "sexually promiscuous behavior needed to stop", but Mancino allegedly told her: "You are a grown woman. Handle it and resolve your issues. I’ll replace you if I have to.”
Days later, after Grondski and Simone complained to Orlando and she reported the complaints to management, all three were sacked "in blatant retaliation for complaining of the above misconduct and/or refusing to participate in the sexual promiscuity", according to court documents.

Inside the debauched firm that rivals Wolf of Wall Street: Former employees sue company claiming they were fired for complaining about 'drug-fueled sexually erotic cesspool' of harassment (12 Pics) Inside the debauched firm that rivals Wolf of Wall Street: Former employees sue company claiming they were fired for complaining about 'drug-fueled sexually erotic cesspool' of harassment (12 Pics) Reviewed by Your Destination on August 11, 2017 Rating: 5

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