Heartbroken mother shares a picture of her Asperger's son, 12, with his arm in a sling to highlight the impact of bullying which has left him suicidal (9 Pics)

A mum has shared a heartbreaking picture of her son with his arm in a sling to demonstrate the 'powerful' effect bullying can have one someone.
Amanda Makris said son, George, 12, was left suicidal after being bullied for nearly two years - and has now desperately launched a birthday card appeal to show him people care about him.
The classical music fan, who Amanda says has Asperger's syndrome, told his mum he had been taunted with names like 'Classic FM boy' and 'Georgina' since starting secondary school in 2015.
But Amanda, 49, says when she went to the school, which she did not name as there is an ongoing complaint, they put him in isolation during breaks.
She reached the end of her tether in June and pulled George out of school after he was allegedly physically assaulted by another pupil in a classroom with a teacher present.
The student allegedly kicked George, causing him to fall and injure his arm, which a subsequent hospital visit revealed had left his wrist badly sprained.
On Wednesday Amanda, shared an image of George after the alleged attack, sat hunched up and visibly upset with his arm in a sling, to show the true face of the effect of bullying.
Following an outpouring of emotion from social media users, Amanda seized the opportunity and is now appealing for people from far and wide to send birthday cards to surprise George with on his birthday on Tuesday - to build his confidence.
Amanda, from Manchester, said: "One picture says a thousand words. Just by looking at it you can tell that he's not having a nice time. I think it has a powerful effect.
"It is a very upsetting image for me because it takes me back to when it happened. It is important that people see the effects bullying have on people.
"I think it's important to show that people are thinking about him to build his confidence up again and to give him hope. I also wanted to show him that not all people are bad.
"When I heard about the bullying I was disgusted and upset. I was angry and felt helpless.
"It was a really tough time. I was angry at the fact that someone else could do that to him. He's really down in the dumps at the moment and it is heart-breaking.
"When he told me he wanted to kill himself it was an absolute nightmare. I worry about him all the time anyway.
"I'm a good mum and I do everything I can for him. You've got to make up for the bad things. I felt so guilty for sending him to that school every day.
"I would just pray that he would have a good day."
George has had sessions with a therapist after suffering with anxiety and suicidal thoughts from the bullying and will be attending a new school this September for a fresh start.
Amanda said: "He's very quirky. He has his own interests and doesn't go with the flow.
"He likes classical musical, retro games - he's an 80s kid.
"He loves old-fashioned stuff. The other kids didn't get him - they saw him as an easy target.
"They called him 'classic FM boy' and 'Georgina' and would dig him in the arm.
"He has Asperger's but he had to go into a mainstream school with support because he didn't meet the requirements for special needs schools.
"His older brother Nicholas is severely autistic as well so we have our hands full.

"I would be on the phone with the school all the time, it would calm down for a couple of weeks and then start again.
"They put him in the inclusion room which was their idea of helping him.
"He was being isolated for something that wasn't his fault. The bullies would wait for him outside the room.
"They have even called me names and called me fat. One of them shouted at the car 'classic FM' while I was with him - my heart was pounding with adrenaline.
"The final straw was when there was a physical attack with a teacher in the room.
"He wanted to phone me and tell me what had happened but they stopped him and said 'don't panic'.
"He was kicked in the thigh and he landed awkwardly on his arm and he has broken his arm before so we took him to the hospital.
"I didn't take him back after that and I didn't care if I got in trouble.
"They were just relentless, they wouldn't leave him alone.
"It lifted his hopes knowing that he wouldn't have to go back there.
"There needs to be more awareness of it in schools. There needs to be more consequences for the bullies so that they don't do it again.
"I got him a place in a nice school which is out of the area a bit.
"I'll drive him there, I don't care how far it is. I know he's going to be fine there - there's already a plan set in place for him."
Amanda wrote the Facebook post on August 22 asking people to send George birthday cards to cheer him up and she has been overwhelmed with the response.
Amanda's post read: "For anyone who doesn't know the story behind my son George.
"He was constantly let down by his previous high school (which I can't mention as it's still ongoing) To the point of him needing therapy for suicidal thoughts.
"I tried and tried with the school and professionals to make it work for him to no avail.
"The final straw was when he was physically attacked in the classroom which resulted in him going to hospital for x rays on his damaged arm.
"He has not returned to that school since. This is a powerful image of the day this happened to him and the effects bullying can have on someone.

"It upsets me to see him like this however with everyone's help we are going to make his 13th birthday an unforgettable day that he will treasure and will give him hope that there are so many people who are thinking of him on his special day.
"September brings new hope for us all as he is starting a new school where they know what he's been through and promise me that he will be looked after there. God bless you all.
"Please share far and wide to make this happen for my beautiful boy a card is all we're asking for. Inbox myself or my friends for my address."
Since publishing the post Amanda has had hundreds of people contacting her who want to send George a birthday card.
She has even received donations for a bouncy castle, popcorn machine, candy floss machine and bunting for his birthday party.
Amanda said: "The postman has already been with some cards and when George saw them his face lit up straight away.
"I think it would make his day to know that other people are thinking about him. It will build his confidence up.
"It'll be a birthday to remember - one for the memory bank. I don't know how I will ever top it off.
"A lady came over the other day with card and sweets for George with her little boy who also has autism and I invited them round for his birthday.
"I'm getting to know lots of lovely people and we're having a get together for him on Tuesday.
"A limo driver has even said he could take George and his friends for a 30-minute ride.
"Someone is auctioning off their wedding dress and offered to give him the money but it isn't about money or presents. I've got him presents - it's just about the cards."
Heartbroken mother shares a picture of her Asperger's son, 12, with his arm in a sling to highlight the impact of bullying which has left him suicidal (9 Pics) Heartbroken mother shares a picture of her Asperger's son, 12, with his arm in a sling to highlight the impact of bullying which has left him suicidal (9 Pics) Reviewed by Your Destination on August 25, 2017 Rating: 5

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